About Division

The purpose of the study process management office is to conduct learning processes in accordance with the international standards and to promote the process of training competitive specialists.


The tasks of the study process management office are:


1. Learning process management and organizational support;

2. Coordinate the process of selecting key and additional specialties by students and develop appropriate recommendations;

3. Organizational support for the student mobility process;

4. Coordination of learning processes of faculties, receiving and processing of relevant information in this field;

5. Monitoring of educational programs in cooperation with the quality assurance service;

6. Carrying out the work required for authorization, accreditation within the competence of the service;

7. Participate in the development of different rules and regulations regarding learning processes;

8. To exercise control over the implementation of the rector’s orders regarding the learning process;

9. Coordinate the process of using the audiences in the prescribed manner by the faculties;


The head of the study process management office at Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University is Nana Bichenovi.

2003-2007 – Georgian Technical University. Specialty: administrative and economic systems management and computer automation. Bachelor of information technology. 2011-2013 – Georgian Technical University. Faculty of informatics and management systems. Master of building and control systems automation. In 2016 she was awarded the degree of Doctor of Mechanical Engineering, Management Systems and Automation.. Since 2010 she has been working at Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University as an invited teacher, 2011-2016 – coordinator of study process at Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University, 2012-2013 – invited teacher at Georgian Technical University. Since 2016 – the head of the study process management office at Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University. Nana Bichenovi is author of 4 scientific articles and co-author of one book.