System Review

"Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University" has electronic database -, from which the teaching process is managed electronically.

Persons involved in the functionality of the electronic database

•  The following persons have access to the electronic database:

          a. Student 

          b) Lecturer

          c) Faculty coordinator

          d) Chief administrator

          e) Electronic database administrator.

Student's Page

•  Each student has access to electronic database individually, through his/her own personal page, from which he/she receives information on the teaching process and is involved in the teaching process electronically.

•  Electronic database allows students to:

a) see the courses selected by him/her both according to the semesters and subject type (general, optional), the points of the semester activity received in each subject, the results of intermediate and final exams. 
b) See his/her GPA.

c) Receive information from his/her profile on the personal data (e-mail, contact number, faculty, specialization, group).
d) Change personal data (e-mail, contact number, picture).
e) Become familiar with the study program, program structure, syllabus, study and examination tables.
f) Contact both the lecturer and the administration in two forms of correspondence:

•  The student may write to the desired person from the base (the faculty dean / head of the teaching process management service / lecturer / and other) by indicating his/her own e-mail. The student must indicate the reason and add the file, if necessary. The answer will be returned to the student’s e-mail.

•  The student can use the internal correspondence of the base, from which the correspondence is made. Incoming and outgoing letters are displayed in the database.