Georgia is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, in the Caucasus region. Georgia is the most visited country in the south Caucasus. Our rich culture and astonishingly diverse landscapes make it an ideal destination for anyone loving history and nature. Our cultural heritage is equally ancient and rich, also, Tbilisi is the most cosmopolitan city in the South Caucasus.

Higher education in Georgia consists of three stages: bachelor program, master program, and PHD programs.

Tbilisi Humanitarian University offers educational services and life-long learning opportunities, that fit the changeable needs of society and is based on current achievements of scientific knowledge, through which it contributes to the process of preparing an active member of the democratic society, and the development of an individual and the realization of intellectual potential.

Where is located Tbilisi Humanitarian University?

In Tbilisi, which is a great city for students.

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is a compact, safe and modern city that offers the excitement of its rich urban culture full of events, youth social activities.


Why THU ?


5 reasons to study at Tbilisi  Humanitarian Teaching University


1. High-quality education  at an affordable price

You'll have an excellent, practice-based learning opportunities. Tbilisi Humanitarian University offers quality higher education qualifications that are respected by employers.

A high level of education is provided by qualified professors. Educational programs are focused on developing  practical skills. The teaching process implies modern, experienced teaching methods with practical work. 


2. Diversity and cosmopolitanism

 Tbilisi Humanitarian University is open to anyone, regardless of nationality, cultural identity, religion and beliefs.  That means we provide a great opportunity to meet and make friends with a diverse group of new people. The main value  is to create environment where all students feel valued, respected, appreciated, and involved.


3. Support services for international students

We have Orientation programs for international students: guided campus tour; information sessions; library tours; If you want information, advice, or guidance on any financial or medical issue, there is a network of people ready to help.

Our team helps students with any non-academic, orientation and adapting to a new culture. They also organize social activities which help students for  integration. University students are actively involved in sports and cultural activities.


4. A strong focus on graduate employability

Our programs provide students with relevant skills, practical knowledge and fulfill the educational requirements that are needed in the field. educational programs are focused on both market requirements – local and international employment.

Tbilisi Humanitarian University has long-established relationships with some of the leading companies. For example: Gestalt Clinic Psychotherapy; Psychologists and Psychotherapeutists Association, Tbilisi Business House; Union of law Scientists; Civil Education Center and  etc.  


5. Location and an affordable cost of living

THU is located in the Historical part of Tbilisi. This side is interesting from the educational and tourist point of view, as well as, convenient for public transport, (it's near from underground ISANI).

Tbilisi enjoys some of the lowest living costs. Compared to many countries, Tbilisi often has lower costs on items such as accommodation, food, entertainment, travel, and shopping, you can enjoy high-quality goods and services