Academic Council

Academic Council is a higher management body of THU which makes decisions in the framework of its authorization. The academic council of the university consists of 11 members. The academic council is composed of the university rector who is the chairman of the academic council; The four faculties of the University are represented by 1 representative from each academic personnel; The four representatives of the academic council are chosen by the rector from the academic personnel; The chief of the University library and the chief of research and development center are automatically included in the Council.

Composition of the Academic Council:

According to the article 9 of the provision of Tbilisi Humanitarian Teaching University, Order N101/02 of 20th May, 2019 of the Rector and minute N1/2019 of 04th May, 2019 of Academic Councils’ Electoral Commission, full composition of the Academic Council is elected and set with following composition:

A) Valentina Sakvarelidze - Chairman of the Academic Council, THU Rector;

B) Vacant (Faculty of Law);

C) Nika Dudashvili (Faculty of Law);

D) Nana Bichenovi (Faculty of Economics, Business and Management);

E) Medea Chelidze (Faculty of Economics, Business and Management);

F) Rusudan Esebua (Humanitarian Faculty);

G) Irma Zakaraia (Humanitarian Faculty);

H) Nino Abaishvili (Faculty of Healthcare);

I) Nino Ormotsadze (Faculty of Healthcare);

J) Nana Barnabishvili (Head of THU Library);

K) Marine Shavlakadze (From 05.04.2021).

Working term of the office of Academic Council of THU is until May 20, 2023.